Biblia Mirecurensia is the English counterpart to the original French version that appeared on line in September 2013. As such, this English translation is a beta release.

In view of the huge number of details that are open to discussion or could require explanation (choice of the emendations, wording of the headlines, punctuation choices, and so on), I do not have the time to answer questions bearing over these sort of details. Again, if any blatant mistakes still remain in spite of the care taken to correct them, these will be corrected in the next versions of Biblia Mirecurensia.

On the other hand however, should you like to express your opinion about the overall concept and/or the strategic options as explained on the home page, and all the more if you have suggestions that might help improve the usefulness of Biblia Mirecurensia, your comments are welcome.

Please get in touch by filling out the form below.

Thank you in advance!

P. Maignial